"GALEB METAL PACK" determines the policy of the integrated management system in order to ensure the conditions to produce meet the expressed and unexpressed real requirements of users and valid standards, laws and other regulations related to the identified significant aspects of quality management, environmental protection and significant risks for health and safety and to be produced in an environment that meets all requirements related to management quality, zaprotect the environment, health and safety at work and product safety.

"GALEB METAL PACK" deals with the development, production and distribution of semi-finished products and packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry and products made of metal.

Mentioned goals and intentions"GALEB METAL PACK" is achieved by establishing, implementing and constantly improving an integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), environmental protection (ISO 14001:2015), health protection and safety at work (ISO 45001: 2018) and BRC Packaging Issue 6, which includes:

  • implementation of measures to increase user satisfaction i as well as other interested parties;

  • constant monitoring of world product trends from Stthose production offers;

  • realizing the leadership role of management; creation i razhowling quality culture

  • planning measures related to risks and opportunities

  • always top quality and safety of all its products;

  • active participation of employees in planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities in production processes;

  • determining processes that contribute to user satisfaction and managing them;

  • consistent product control and management of procurement, production, finalization and storage, sales processes and after-sales activities, as well as marketing activities;

  • developing partnership relations with suppliers materials and services;

  • commitment to continuous improvement of the system QMS, EMS and OHS; BRC

  • decision-making based on collected and analyzed data;

  • taking all the necessary measures in order to reduce the impact on the environment in the form of air emissions, discharge into water, soil pollution and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste;

  • rational consumption of energy and natural resources necessary for the realization of the production program;

  • taking care of employees' health and safe working conditions by preventive action to prevent or minimize the impact of noise, vibrations, dangerous substances, elevated working temperatures, equipment, means of transport and other risks to employees and visitors;

  • training and developing the awareness of all employees about the need and importance of their involvement and contribution to the successful functioning of the integrated system;

  • application of the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) as prerequisites health and it was hygieniczmiserable proizvO yes.

  • The policy of the integrated management system "GALEB METAL PACK" is available and is periodically discussed with employees and interested parties.

Sabac, DOctober 2021.

Director, Radoslav Veselinović

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