Social Responsibility

The management's strategic determination is defined through the quality system policy, its implementation, the constant improvement of the environmental protection management system as well as the health and safety protection system at work. One of the strategic goals is to establish a relationship with all entities from the environment and to build the image of the business system, through contributions to society and the state, fulfilling all obligations to society based on all contributions and taxes, assistance with scholarships, various types of sponsorship and other financial and non-financial benefits.
The alignment of the image and settings in the policy and strategy is reflected through the constant application of measures to increase user satisfaction, determining processes that contribute to user satisfaction and managing them, constant improvement of product quality and production processes, taking all necessary measures in order to protect the environment and care for health and safe working conditions of employees. An integral part of our image is to transfer our organization in business to our participation in events, whether in the form of professional help or our own organization, in order to contribute to the best possible organization of the environment and the best possible performances, which is certainly in the interest of society.
We fulfill a high degree of responsibility towards the social community by presenting ourselves as a partner in solving common problems in order to gain trust in our immediate environment.
The company's positive impact on the local and regional economy is reflected in several actions organized by the local community during the construction of various facilities of importance to the community (e.g. the complete reconstruction of an elementary school), as well as the employment of other companies in the region to carry out works for our and the company's needs in the region. At the municipal level, no major socially beneficial manifestation was held without the participation of "Galeb", as evidenced by the many awards the company has received.
The activities that are undertaken to determine one's own impacts on the protection of the human environment, safety and health are: active development of the process of production and use of materials, in order to minimize the impact on the environment during production, use and disposal, informing customers about safe use of all our products, taking all necessary measures in order to reduce the impact on the environment in the form of emissions into water and air, soil pollution, as well as taking care of the proper disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. When purchasing new equipment, we try to ensure that in the production process we do not create pollution that can affect the environment.

Report with the results of measurement of emissions of polluting substances (2018)

Environmental protection policy

Integrated GMP management policy

GPI 440 011 01 Integrated Management Policy GMP 2023